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Droid 4

I’ve had my Droid 4 about six weeks now and I’m finally ready to offer a consumer review on this device. I’m a writer, but I write fiction. I’m not a tech journalist or a tech blogger, therefore this review is based solely on my personal experience with the phone.

The Droid 4 comes with the very best qwerty hardware keyboard I’ve found to date. The keys are nicely spaced and clicky and I was able to type accurately from the very beginning. This is a must for a writer! The keys are also backlit which makes it really nice for those times you have to roll out of bed to capture something that won’t wait until the morning, like a scene.

Overall, the phone has a reassuring heft that bespeaks of a good build quality but it won’t start to weigh you down after a time. I enjoy reading on my device and of course I’m addicted to Angry Birds – I can do both for long blocks of time without tiring.

Rebooted generic icons

A few quibbles I have with this phone is of course the battery life. Especially in an LTE (4G) area. If we’re out and I’m just reading a Word document or a PDF, the battery life has tanked from a healthy 80% to an abysmal 20% – all within less than an hour. I’m very much hoping that Motorola figures out a way to fix that. ¬†Another gripe I have with the phone is when I reboot it – by the way – no removable battery. If you need to reboot, and with a smartphone, you will need to do this from time to time to keep the device working properly, you have to long press the power button and choose the Power Off option from the menu. What I have found is that the icons of the apps I have stored on my micro SD card change from what their developer intended to a generic looking icon.

My husband’s Razr does not do this so I have concluded it’s a Droid 4 bug that Motorola will hopefully fix in an update. Also, the Android OS in general tends to not always react when you touch it. That’s exclusive to the android OS and not necessarily the phone. Apparently the Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0) update fixes most of the OS lagginess. That brings me to my last quibble with my Droid 4. There is no projected date for when this phone will receive that update. Who knows when it will be released?

I am enjoying this phone very ¬†much, despite the problems with the device. Really, it’s made my life much easier and I’ve found there are so many things this phone does for me. It is a:

  • Phone
  • Calendar
  • To Do List
  • Shopping Lists
  • eReader
  • Notebook
  • Gaming device
  • GPS and turn by turn Navigation device
  • Music player

And I can also: Browse the web, check email, track my period, use it as a flashlight, ruler, timer, alarm clock, check bus and train schedules, among many other things I probably haven’t discovered yet. This phone has helped to keep me organized, and it’s just plain fun! I would recommend this phone to anyone who needs a hardware keyboard. Or someone who isn’t certain. There is a software keyboard and I find I really like Swype, but not as much as I enjoy the hardware qwerty board.

Check out the Droid 4 if you’re thinking of upgrading your phone. It’s well worth the look.

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D.R. Grady is a published author of clean romance novels. She lives with her husband near Hershey, PA and adores chocolate, laughing, collecting bags, books, and shoes. Oh, and writing stories that resonate with others.
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