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The Geek Outgeeks the Scientist

Geeky espionage! Okay, it’s not that dramatic. But enemies Neevie Harrington and Jackson Collins suspect someone has snuck into their respective labs. These reluctant allies are determined to discover who is trying to steal their precious research data.

Proud geek Neevie Harrington has to deal with an ever-shrinking budget, sleep deprivation, and now the bane of her existence is bleating about lab break-ins. She doesn’t need this man insisting they discover the identity of who is after their precious data. Then again, she doesn’t need additional long hours spent at work either. She does need more sleep and less coffee.

Patient, gorgeous Jackson Collins, like Neevie, is just trying to find a cure for superbugs. No biggie. But he’s distracted by whoever keeps sneaking into his lab. He is not distracted by his prickly, adorable colleague, who somehow manages to make her nerdy glasses look cute.

Playing footsies might be tempting with snarky Neevie but he’s got a cure to find and a lab breaker to catch. Whether it’s wise to join forces or not is still in question.