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Nerds in Danger

It’d be mighty helpful if they knew the identity of the enemy gunning for them.

Savannah Swanson is an on-the-run popstar with a distracting almost boyfriend and enemies who will stop at nothing to silence her. Someone thinks she knows a lot more about her enigmatic late father than she does. Fact—she doesn’t even know his name. She heads to the mysterious island of her birth in the hopes it might reveal the identity of her father and—fingers crossed—finally allow her to be with Trace.

A sabotaged tour bus, kidnapping attempt, and shots fired keep Trace Montgomery too busy to take his relationship with Savannah to the next level. As head of Savannah’s security team, he has to prioritize keeping her safe over kissing her. Too bad it’s becoming more difficult to keep things strictly professional. Now he needs to help her unearth the cryptic details of Savannah’s past before someone puts a very permanent end to their almost-relationship.

***A stand-alone story with no cliff hangers. This story takes up where book 14, NERDS IN HARMONY, left off. You can read them out of order, but will enjoy the series more if you read them in order. If you enjoy fun characters, mystery, and a little romantic suspense this is a great option.

Seeking: Warrior Mate

Ari the Noble, a rare female Aasguard warrior, loses her dragon to old age. While mourning she seeks the comfort of her brothers, fellow Aasguard warriors. Both of her brothers have recently married—unheard of among their kind. This has given birth to thoughts of a life she never envisioned for herself. These thoughts only multiply after she meets Kellen the Mighty.

Kellen the Mighty’s dragon also succumbed to old age and now he’s struggling with echoing loneliness. This propels him to seek out other Aasguards and investigate the possibility of marriage for himself.

Both Ari and Kellen struggle with their returning emotions and feelings for the other that they’ve never encountered in their long years of living. When they surrender to their mutual attraction, a portal opens to a monstrous creation that immediately and gleefully attacks. Could this catastrophe mean the end of their union? As well as the unions of future Aasguard warriors?

***This is a standalone book with a happily ever after. While this story ties in with the first two books in the series, it can be enjoyed alone.


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