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The Dragon Chronicles are here again. Check them out!

Seeking: Warrior Bride

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Fergus the First was the oldest Aasguard warrior and is presumed dead. Only he’s very much alive and has met his mate, Lucy the Lucky. The only problem with finding his mate now is after a vicious attack, his legs are paralyzed. A warrior who cannot walk or stand to fight… are they even a warrior?

Lucy the Lucky had not counted on the stubbornness of her mate. His focus on his inabilities have blinded him to the endless possibilities of their future. If he cannot see that his experience and knowledge are far more valuable than his legs she wonders if they can have a relationship.

He has a choice. He can overcome this obstacle or allow his paralysis to end their union before it even begins. Will his stubbornness be their end? 

This is a standalone story that is part of a larger series. They are more enjoyable if read in order but can be read in the sequence you prefer.

Nerds in Force

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Determined Harlow Maxwell is on a mission. She’s not about to allow anyone, even massive, sweet Keith Monnette to hinder her progress. He might curl her toes and make her long for things she’s never had, but she has a serious job to do and she can’t afford any distractions.

No matter how gorgeous he is.

Army veteran Keith Monnette left the military to protect his family from the evil company whose vile body count is climbing. It takes three attempts on Harlow’s life and her emerging history to make him question whether she’s on his side of this battle. He knows she’s keeping secrets but maybe they’re justified?

Now someone wants her and members of his family dead. Keith has a few pithy suggestions but so far the bad guys aren’t listening. Whoever they are…

***If you like your romance sweet with a side of suspense and wonderful characters, start reading Nerds in Force today! Keith and Harlow soon learn they’re both seeking justice for those lost and working to keep everyone alive. Falling in love isn’t a part of the plan.

The Seeking Series Box Set

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The first three books of the Seeking Series are here in one convenient volume! Featuring a clumsy dragon, fierce warriors both male and female, royalty, and decisions made that change the lives and course of others forever. If you enjoy short romantic fantasy, this series is for you.

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