What I’m working on

The Seeking Series

Right now I’ve got four (potentially five) series in the works. The first is a fantasy/paranormal called the Seeking Series. The first book — Seeking: Warrior King is free! And book two, Seeking: Maiden Queen is now available.

A brand new contemporary series

A new series – I’ve also written a  contemporary romance set in New York City called Sorry Charlee. This book will tentatively be part The Urban Series. I hope to sell this one to a publisher. Book two is also written, but needs edited.

A new geek series

This first story came out of nowhere and I’m super excited about it. Tentatively entitled The Geek Gets the Girl, this story is sill in the editing process.

The Morrison Family series

The Morrison Family Series – I have finished writing Book 14 – Nerds in Harmony. This is Beau and Molly’s story, finally! Turns out, there was a good reason why I couldn’t write their story way back when. I had to write Baking with Nerds first, because these stories are very connected. Book 15 – is also finished, but is in dire need of editing. These stories blend together with The Nerd Who Spied Me and Baking with Nerds. There are definitely more to come!

A new paranormal series

This new paranormal series features gargoyles. The first book is called Blown Away. It’s written and mostly edited, and I’ve started the second book in the series, Fired Up. Both of these books will be part of a series I’m tentatively calling Gargoyles Unlimited. However, a bunch of other projects keep crowding in… so this series is on the back burner for now.

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