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The Dragon Chronicles: Book 2 Shifting

Book Cover: The Dragon Chronicles: Book 2 Shifting

He doesn’t mind that she can’t shift, but his pack sure does.

Dr. Keely Bennett, a healer at Paranym University, can’t shift.

Her mate, Hugh Blackwolfe doesn’t mind—but his pack sure does. Hugh is the strongest alpha on the east coast and the pack’s single females challenge Keely. This forces her to find a shifter willing to meet and win this challenge for her so they can mate. As if her stress levels aren’t already stratospheric...

Keely’s dragon best friend and her controller are also struggling with shifting woes. They must learn the nuances of how the dragon shifts and soon. This whole shifting business is getting Keely down. She can’t mate with Hugh and she’s stretched so thin she’s not gonna need to worry about that pack challenge pretty soon.

And as if Keely doesn’t already feel unworthy, the dragon appears to be calling everyone but her to her team of allies.