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Seeking: Fellow Warrior

Clean, fantasy romance

A short fantasy romance.

Witty Rykert the Bold and serious Felicity the Valiant know they are meant to be together. However, there is concern that the marriage of two Aasguard warriors could unleash dreadful creatures from unknown realms. Felicity’s warrior instincts are also urging them to use caution. Until they determine whether they risk opening a nasty portal and why her clamoring senses are shrieking, neither would dare join their lives together. In addition to these vexing issues, their dragon companions are making eyes at each other… To better get to know one another, Rykert and Felicity seek out the treasures of those who have passed and discover a treasure they never dreamed of finding.

This is a standalone story that is part of a larger series. They are more enjoyable if read in order but can be read in the sequence you prefer.



Felicity the Valiant’s heart dropped at the news that the one man she should not see planned to arrive at any time today.

“Rykert the Bold and Felix should be here any moment.” Ari the Noble and wife of Kellen the Mighty had extended an invitation to all Aasguards to come celebrate this unprecedented school opening. They also invited said Aasguard warriors to teach at the new school, heal from wounds, spend time figuring out what they wished to do next, or any combination of those options. Felicity and her blue dragon, Maeze had arrived a couple of days ago to help with the official school opening.


She and Ari had become fast friends and kept in touch. Felicity and Maeze had taken Ari and Kellen’s place in Swiftland, Ari’s brother’s kingdom which required much work. The people had hunkered down to die until Lajos the Swift and his new bride Stefana arrived to revive the country. Ari’s other brother had done the unheard of when he married the reigning queen of Montequirst. He wed Queen Raene and welcomed the duties of king upon their nuptials. It was in his realm where Lajos met Stefana. Both Aasguard warriors had proved to their kind that they could do better than merely protecting treasure and persons of wealth.

Now Ari and Kellen were determined to train new Aasguard warriors. They decided upon this course of action after learning the dismal, dwindling numbers of their kind. With a noticeable dearth now in the Aasguard ranks, this school provided hope for their revitalization.

Felicity admitted to excitement at being a part of this school but the pending arrival of the one Aasguard she didn’t wish to see made her heart protest.

Ari must have caught the nuance. “It is going to be difficult for you to see Rykert?” Her friend sent her an encompassing look.

Felicity’s mouth twisted. “It’s not that I do not want to see him.”

“It is that you should not.” Ari’s lips thinned. “Felicity, it has been months since Kellen and I joined our lives together. There is no reason why you and Rykert cannot do the same.”

This proved to be new information. “What? I thought we were supposed to refrain?”

“It has been over a year. Swiftland is prospering. Lajos and Stefana have not opened any additional portals. Neither have Kellen and I or Vidar and Raene. Raene is a full Aasguard now as well.” Ari had witnessed Stefana’s birth to Aasguard when they battled desampus, nasty reptilian horrors from another dimension. Ari and Kellen’s marriage was speculated to have opened the portal. A theory that could neither be denied nor confirmed.

Mages had locked all known portals and in the intervening months had discovered a couple of young wizards who could sense portals. Every one of the portals to other dimensions had been locked. Their belief however was that Aasguards should refrain from joining their lives together until it could be determined whether it was safe to mate.

Thus far she had resisted, despite Rykert’s overtures. He did not appear to have heard of the precautions and the man had been pursuing her relentlessly.

“So I can give in to the blasted man?”

Ari’s head jerked up and she searched Felicity’s face. “He has been chasing you?”
“With fervor.”

The chuckle that escaped her friend’s mouth eased the tension in her shoulders.

“I can believe that. He knew he wanted you from the moment you met, didn’t he?”

“Yes. And now Maeze is old enough to mate, so Felix is also making noises about joining.” Maeze, her blue dragon, had been too young upon their first meeting of Rykert the Bold and his bright yellow dragon, Felix. These days, Maeze was fully adult. Whether her crush on Felix had developed into something deeper remained to be seen.

Her dragon remained understanding as to why Felicity drug her heels. Maeze had been present during that portal opening and the ensuing battle. The only battle to date that Felicity had feared the outcome.

“I have not relieved your mind.”

“What if we give in to this and something terrible happens?” Felicity’s insides iced.

Ari didn’t rush to reassure her. More chill crept around her.

Rubbing her own arms failed to provide warmth.

The outline of a dragon and rider appeared on the horizon. Felix’s bright yellow girth couldn’t be missed. Much less the large, easy going warrior riding him. This pair brought sunshine and light to the masses, if the masses cared. At least to the Aasguard population. But Felicity had seen another side to the man.

The side that took him through the rigorous Aasguard training so long ago and kept him in this world for the millennia he had endured with only Felix for company. Everyone knew dragons enjoyed long naps.

Therefore they made good companions, but not great ones.

A warm hand gripped her arm. “I think you should give in to the urge to marry that man.” Ari squeezed her arm before releasing her.

They watched the dragon land with all the skill of one who has done so countless times through the centuries. The man who dismounted and patted the dragon is who drew her attention, however.

Tall, broad, muscled, but those red-gold curls caught the sun and played with the beams of light. Those same curls did not detract in any way from the impressive man or his skills. They might deceive the unwary, but never her. Rykert the Bold was a warrior through and through.

And so attractive he might melt her sword.

His blue eyes landed on her. Rykert’s long legs carried him quickly across the expanse of lawn. He nodded to Ari, but swept Felicity into his arms.

She gasped in surprise before his magnificent lips claimed hers.