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Coming July 19, 2024

The Geek Outgeeks the Scientist

Geeky espionage! Okay, it’s not that dramatic. But enemies Neevie Harrington and Jackson Collins suspect someone has snuck into their respective labs. These reluctant allies are determined to discover who is trying to steal their precious research data.

Proud geek Neevie Harrington has to deal with an ever-shrinking budget, sleep deprivation, and now the bane of her existence is bleating about lab break-ins. She doesn’t need this man insisting they discover the identity of who is after their precious data. Then again, she doesn’t need additional long hours spent at work either. She does need more sleep and less coffee.

Patient, gorgeous Jackson Collins, like Neevie, is just trying to find a cure for superbugs. No biggie. But he’s distracted by whoever keeps sneaking into his lab. He is not distracted by his prickly, adorable colleague, who somehow manages to make her nerdy glasses look cute.

Playing footsies might be tempting with snarky Neevie but he’s got a cure to find and a lab breaker to catch. Whether it’s wise to join forces or not is still in question.

The Cure

Recently trained healer Marilou Larkswallow has done the impossible and created a cure for blue fever. Lukas the Next, the newest generation of Aasguard warrior, has been tasked with preventing evil sorcerers from harming Marilou before she perfects this miraculous cure.

Marilou is not convinced she needs a bodyguard, especially not the one she’s had a girlhood crush on. Despite her new adult attraction to Lukas, she is well aware that healers do not marry. She and Lukas are also so young…

Meanwhile, Lukas is struggling with reconciling the hoyden of their youth with this confident, skilled young healer. Besides, they are far too young to commit to each other. Even if she as a healer can marry. Then there are the constant sorcerer attacks on Marilou. Can he stay focused on keeping her alive and healthy or will he fail his first task?

Shifter Secrets is here!

Independent Kinsley Jacobs is an unusual predatory marine shifter who is too busy at her new job as an agent for Oceanic Shift to worry about love. She’s helping her work partner accept her overwhelming beast and they’re closing cases at rapid rates. Debriefings on said cases means she has to appear unfazed and professional in front of her dreamy boss, who isn’t her fated mate, right? Surely her beast would know…

Older than he’d like to admit Maclaren “Mac” Atlas has been waiting for his mate for decades. He’s trying to stay strong, but gorgeous Kinsley keeps distracting him. Between hunting bad guys, kidnappings, and an internal spy, Mac doesn’t have time to fall in love. Besides, who he falls in love with depends on his beast, not on his strong attraction to a certain agent who works for him. At least he keeps telling himself that.

The Dragon Chronicles are here again. Check them out!

Nerds in Paradise

Intense Eric Monnette can’t get skilled Riley D’Arpino out of his mind. He’s a retired Navy SEAL who uses his skills to keep people safe. Except unanswered questions from his past has placed him in jeopardy himself.

Computer nerd Riley is set to retire from the US Army in three weeks. She has civilian life to figure out. She doesn’t need her childhood crush riding to her and her commanding officer’s rescue.

Okay, so said commanding officer took a couple bullets and their boat sank. Now they’re facing near hurricane conditions, a stormy sea, limited fuel, and her commanding officer is going to die if they don’t hustle him to safety soon. Oh, and then there are the bad guys who very much want to silence them. Permanently. Falling in love is certainly not on the agenda.

Seeking: Warrior Bride

Available Now!

Fergus the First was the oldest Aasguard warrior and is presumed dead. Only he’s very much alive and has met his mate, Lucy the Lucky. The only problem with finding his mate now is after a vicious attack, his legs are paralyzed. A warrior who cannot walk or stand to fight… are they even a warrior?

Lucy the Lucky had not counted on the stubbornness of her mate. His focus on his inabilities have blinded him to the endless possibilities of their future. If he cannot see that his experience and knowledge are far more valuable than his legs she wonders if they can have a relationship.

He has a choice. He can overcome this obstacle or allow his paralysis to end their union before it even begins. Will his stubbornness be their end? 

This is a standalone story that is part of a larger series. They are more enjoyable if read in order but can be read in the sequence you prefer.

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